From initial production through final printing, Strategic Marketing & Mailing can handle every aspect of your DM program—no matter how tough the challenge. Truth is, there’s nothing we like better than sinking our teeth into a project, and coming up with dynamic, cost-effective solutions. Combine our can-do attitude with our best practices and quality control, and it’s not surprising that clients trust us with every detail of their mailings. Our finished products speak for themselves.

    Want your direct mail to jump out of the box? SM&M can make it happen. Once we receive your files and/or data, we ensure your list and database are copasetic. We handle the segmentation, coding, list hygiene, postal sorting, and file prep. We not only make sure all your DM campaigns are customized and personalized; we offer ways to make them even more impactful. That’s because we excel at producing unique formats that enhance your message and build your results. And we can leverage our technology to create even more cost-effective solutions.

    Many clients prefer we handle the printing as well as the lettershop/production. Think about it. After all, it would be one less headache you’d have to deal with.
    Want us to handle your print production? No problem. Whether we do it ourselves or have one of our trusted suppliers handle it, we supervise the process from start to finish to ensure quality control. Whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered. Seriously.

    In today’s cluttered mail environment the more personalized your communication, the better. So why stop at the salutation when we can help you personalize to the ‘nth’ degree? Show specific account information and purchase patterns. Build gift-ask charts based on past contributions. Change the text to reflect variable data. Personalize. Personalize. Personalize. And create effective communications that reflect the interests and history of each recipient.

    This kind of personalization improves response rates for business-to-consumer, business-to-business, non-profit, political and other direct marketing efforts. Whatever your needs, we have the equipment and the expertise to make it happen. Check out all the ways you can use personalization to enhance your results:


    • Letters
    • Surveys
    • Postcards (single/double)
    • Brochures/Self-Mailers
    • Return Address Labels
    • Static Cling Decals
    • Statements/Bills
    • Renewals
    • Loyalty, Membership, and Gift Cards
    • Envelopes (Flexo, Jet, Litho)
    • Reminders
    • Magnets
    • Thank You letters and emails
    • Self Mailers
    • And more!


    • 4-color Variable Print on Demand
    • High-speed Continuous Laser Printing (Simplex or Duplex)
    • Cut-sheet Laser Printing (Simplex or Duplex)
    • High-speed Inkjetting (Simplex or Duplex)
    • Impact Printing
    • Envelope Laser Printing

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