Why do we bother to use a P.S. in a direct mail letter?

Originally the P.S. of a letter was an "afterthought". But for direct marketers it's prime real estate. Think of the P.S. as the "headline" at the end of the letter. Often the P.S. is read before other copy in the letter. Don't waste it.

One way to make your P.S. work harder is to add a "sweetener" to the letter. Example: "P.S. Supplies are limited. Please call us by March 25th to ensure you get your Free Copy of..." This P.S. introduces a new element to the reader - "Limited Supplies" encourages quick response.

Make sure your P.S. helps you accomplish your primary objective. If your objective is to increase the average purchase size, your P.S. should repeat the main reason to do this. Ex: Remember, if you spend $50 with us by October 30th, you’ll also receive..."

And keep your P.S. short and sweet—2-3 lines or 25-30 words…It is a P.S., not your body copy.


When you test, remember the 40/40/20 Rule Your success (response!) is based on 3 major factors