Success in Direct Marketing has many ingredients. Three important ones are: Excitement vs. boredom, News vs. same old same old, Compelling offer .

Excitement vs. boredom--No one can bore someone into responding. Get excited about your product and service. If you can't get excited, your customer certainly cannot either.

Look for news value. Is your service even more important now than ever because of changes in the economy? Have you discovered a new use or benefit for your product or service? Look for news value that gives your reader a reason to read on.

Compelling offer — Is the premium you are offering something your customers would love to have? Or does it showcase a benefit of your own product? For instance, a large financial marketer sent an up front premium of bubble bath along with an offer to enroll in their automatic bill payment service. The premium illustrated an important benefit of their bill payment service—what I could do for myself when I save all that time writing checks every month.


I want to test offers, but my discount offer has always worked well for me. What should I test against it?